About Us

Moore’s Auto Salvage was established by father and son, Francis and Russell Moore.

Francis first began tinkering with cars in the 1930’s when he put together his first Model-T with parts salvaged from the city dump grounds. Along with serving as a WWII pilot and owner-operator of several successful businesses, Francis was always a serious antique car collector. He was a great dad and included his son in all aspects of the hobby. Russell was taking apart and assembling cars at an early age, and by high school was acquiring his own collection of classic cars.

In 1971, Francis purchased a local auto salvage business containing approximately 6,000 pre-1960’s vehicles. Though many of those were crushed for metal salvage, a number of prime vehicles from that original lot were retained. The Moore’s continued to add to their extensive collection of cars, and in 1988 they turned their life-long hobby of collecting antique cars into a family-owned, full-time auto parts business. Their present 20-acre lot contains 1500+ vehicles.

Francis worked full time as a well liked, super salesman up until the age of 86. He continued to spend time at the business most days, until his death in April of 2011. Moore’s Auto Salvage continues as a family-owned business operated by Russell, his wife Alice and their son Marc, who has gained a great deal of knowledge about vintage Mopar cars and parts.

*Photo on top – Shorty and his helper at his 1930’s Rapid Auto Salvage Company, located in what is now downtown Rapid City, South Dakota.